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UNIT II: THE REFORMATION AND THE WARS OF RELIGION History Notes – 9/23/05 Review… Secular Government * Wars tear Germany apart – keeps Germany separated 1845 – Henry VII and Tudor Dynasty begins No feudalism – King Henry VII Absolute Monarchies accepted as government Provide order outside of the Church B. France – New Monarchies Valois Family Line Louis the 11 th – First in Valois Line Built professional army Also went against practice of “Livery and Maintenance” Centralizing Rule – rebellious nobles were subdued and dealt with * Monarchs possessed unlimited power to tax and raise armies Estates General – Equivalent of Parliament – did not consult with king very much - symbol of absolutism In France, still Feudal Social Organization A deal that was cut between the Pope and the King… ** 1516 – Francis the 1 st – Development – Concordat of Bolonia-1516 – Pope Leo 10 th – King Francis I – Rescinded (not valid) the Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges (1438) – Pope could collect annates from French Subjects – but King would still appoint Bishops, abbots, and other clergy within his borders. King controlled the clergy within his own nation. French Kings have it good – appoint own clergy, were sort of puppeteers.
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C. Spain – New Monarchies * 2 Kingdoms combine to form Spain in 1469 – Kingdom of Aragon and Kingdom of Castille formed by marriage between “ Ferdinand and Isabelle * Aragon owned Sicily, Naples, Borlara Islands Isabella of Castille Ferdinand of Aragon Unifying force in Spain – Religion Spanish Catholic Church A Fervor exists to have Spain be Catholic The Inquisition ” – Over Zealous in its attempt to rid Spain of anyone/anything not Catholic Siglo De Oro ” – “The Golden Age of Spain ” – Spain takes the lead as one of the major powers of the Western World – They are sending Sea Captains all over the world – Making claims on
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