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HistoryNotes-11-1-05 - coalitions/alliances against the...

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11/1/05 - History Notes Balance of Power - Condition of equilibrium, or equal balance of power, distributed among separate nations. * Real Politique - "To do whatever is necessary in order to stay in power" * Otto Von Bismarck - Concerned with Balance of Power - did not want to move too quickly - Aware of history - step lightly - program of advance in place for Germany * Kaiser Wilhelm I - dies - Kaiser Wilhelm II is in line to succeed - he suggests that Otto Van Bismarck is too old, old fashioned - asks him to step down as German chancellor - now the Kaiser takes Germany in a more modern, faster paced direction - build up the army, industry, etc. * What is Germany up to? HMMM… * There was a balance - No one power was more powerful than the other - when the equilibrium was disturbed (1 Nation acts up), the other nations formed
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Unformatted text preview: coalitions/alliances against the rogue nation. Germany is now a threat (need for counterbalance). * Holding the balance of power - If a member of an alliance is more needed by its alliance, and it needs them, then that country HOLDS THE BALANCE IN PLACE. * Each nation tries to throw its weight where it is needed most. * Down the road, a whole philosophy is developed => **** Real Politik- "You're going to do what you have to do in order to stay in power, doing whatever is in the best interest of the nation" **** * New threat: King Louis (France) -** Do whatever necessary to stop new threat * Balance of Power is an issue - The Dutch Nation orchestrates an alliance system against King Louis...
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