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Unformatted text preview: 11/4/05 = History Notes ** Section 19:"Britain/The Puritan Revolution" * After the defeat of the Spanish armada, the English became less involved with the affairs of the continent - " The Splendid Years of Isolationism " * England stayed out of other European affairs * The British played no significant role in the 30 Years' War * They had no impact on the Peace Agreement (Peace of Westphalia) of the 30 Years' War * The Puritan Revolution- 1642 * Anglican versus Protestant (Puritans) * Opportunity for Parliament to wrestle some power away from the Monarch * There was opposition to the blood line idea of passing of power * This revolution was seen as less potent than the Schmalkaldic Wars * Religious Confrontation - Opposition to the Stewart Line (because they are Catholic) * Political - British possessions - Scotland and Ireland - Calvinism, Presbyterianism - official religion Scotland . Ireland (Catholic)- most savage resistance ****** Characteristics of England ****** English Population - starting to spread out - colonies being established in Americas * 1620 - More than 20,000 puritans settled in New England , 20,000 settled in Barbados and on the West Indies Island, English Catholics settled Maryland, many Anglicans went to Virginia (Jamestown settlement) - New York was conquered from the Dutch, Pennsylvania and Carolinas were settled - All 13 colonies were setup About .5 million people were settled in colonies * Mittleton - "Paradise lost " * Shakespeare - Writer *...
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HistoryNotes-11-4-05 - = History Notes Section...

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