HistoryNotes-11-7-05 - History Notes On Surface Toleration...

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History Notes - 11/7/05 * On Surface - Toleration of religions, but in reality - Presbyterianism was the only one allowed – England Order of Succession of Kings : James I Charles I Charles II James II Section 20: (Restoration of the Monarchy) - "Triumph of Parliament (Glorious Revolution)" * Charles II - King of England in 1660 - Restoration of Monarchy * Charles II of Stewart Line claims the throne in 1660 * Also restored was the Anglican Church * Also restored was Parliament - Everything was to be returned to time prior to the Puritan Revolution * Neither king nor parliament wants to do anything to antagonize the other (both sides take care at first to not anger the other) * The landowners of England (aristocracy) - ultimately powerful because ownership of land had become private - Now all tax programs have to go through Parliament * Squirearchy - Squire owns land - its a government that is literally controlled by aristocracy/land owning class * Background events for Glorious Revolution * * Charles II - * There had been a tendency for Protestants to voluntarily return to the Catholic Church
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* Time period - STRONG Anti-Catholic sentiment and STRONG Anti-Pope sentiment * Charles II - Catholic * Secret Treaty of Dover
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HistoryNotes-11-7-05 - History Notes On Surface Toleration...

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