HistoryNotes-11-14-05 - NEW UNIT: Ch. 7: "The...

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Unformatted text preview: NEW UNIT: Ch. 7: "The Scientific View of the World" Section 32 : "Profits of a Scientific Civilization: Bacon and Descartes" * Science becomes modern, accepted, and necessary * Break in tradition * The wholeness of the Church has been broken - * Science - ability of man to understand * Century of both Galileo and Newton * Galileo dies in 1642 and Newton is born in 1642 * An intellectual revolution occurs in Western Civilization * Scientific Method is developed * Because of printing press - scientists can communicate and share ideas * Leonardo DaVinci- Scientific Genius ** Wrote manuscripts * The Rise of Science in the 17th Century is a major factor in the development of Western Civilization - key to modernization * DaVinci ** Studied the movements of the planets ** Engineer, inventor ** It was not safe for him to go public with his findings - why? Because he was challenging traditional church teachings * Traditional church teachings can now be challenged - * One theory leads to another * Isolated genius - In many ways his ideas died with him - "the change" does not take place in...
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HistoryNotes-11-14-05 - NEW UNIT: Ch. 7: "The...

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