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11/16/05 - History Notes * Empiricism - Based on the discovery of information (Credit to Bacon) - The founding of knowledge should be based upon experience and observation – “let the patterns of our thoughts be shaped by how we observe it” * Bacon - Failure to understand the role of mathematics * Rene Descartes - He's a philosopher - great mathematician - credit for the inventor of coordinate geometry. - any algebraic formula could be plotted in space (graph) - any curve could be converted into formulas and then be calculated * Things can be reduced to mathematical formulas * Universals existed because things could be reduced to mathematical form - Nature is considered to have been created with ORDER in MIND * Systematic Doubt - We should literally doubt everything could be doubted - sweep away any past ideas to clear the ground for future study - Bacon and Rene agree on this * One thing he could not doubt was his own existence - " I think, therefore I am " * Descartes could not deny God's existence
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HistoryNotes-11-16-05 - 11/16/05 - History Notes *...

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