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History Notes - 11/30/05 SECTION 27: "PARTITION OF POLAND" Poland * Poland Proper * Grand Duchee of Lithawania * The name of Poland is: The Republic of Poland (The Monarch of Poland would be elected, not a hereditary monarchy) * Great ethnic diversity in Poland - Polish people - German - Jewish - Ukrainians * Religion : Predominantly Roman Catholic * The Official Political and Religious Language : Latin * Politically: Controlled by the few **** Aristocracy in Poland * Szalacha - Wealthy Land owners - 8% of population - demanded to uphold Polish Liberties - they controlled the entire political scene * No middle class - 92% of te population were peasants * There wasn't a real effective government * The Polish king was often French, Swedish, or Russian * Because of the ethnic diversity of the kings, there was a movement to protect the Polish Liberties * At any time a representative of the Diet - Liberum Veto - "Exploding the Diet" - Used to break up the Diet - used when people became disgruntled - Poles just go home
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* The great percentage of the wealth was controlled by the aristocracy - the aristocracy was tax exempt * French nobility claimed tax exemption * Poles are always threatened with foreign invasion * Poland would have history of being partitioned ("Cut Apart") * Characteristically, Poland was politically soft * Anarchy, always confused * 1733 - War of Polish Succession
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HistoryNotes-11-30-05 - History Notes - 11/30/05 SECTION...

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