HistoryNotes-12-2-05 - History Notes - 12/2/05 Read and...

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Unformatted text preview: History Notes - 12/2/05 Read and take Notes on: ** Chapter 6 - pp. 250 - Section 28 & 29 *** * Sections 23-27 & 28, 29, 30, 31 * => UNIT TEST **Prussia** Section 25: "Formation of Prussia" * Concept : It was commonplace for small nation states to play a role in the affairs of Europe. ** Weapons ere small, poor. Maps were poor, roads poor. Armies were small. This would enable countries like Prussia to make a bid for a dominant power (being a dominant power) * Prussia - Prussians were tribal people- conquered by a special order of knights - TUTONIC KNIGHTS OF THE EMPIRE- they were from the H.R.E * Tutonic Order of Knights conquered Prussians - settled by settlers * Polish King- permitted Albert of Brandenburg to rule the country as a hereditary Dutchee * Albert of Brandenburg- (Margrave) - ** Margrave Is Military state * Elector of Brandenburg- able to acquire all of Prussia by means of inheritance * Brandenburg - Hollanzolleran rule * Frederick William- He would rein from1 1640-1701 - " The Great Elector " - becomes very expansionistic - won a lot of lands to the East * Peace of Olivia- Gave Brandenburg full sovereignty of Prussia * Frederick William- Program of Territorial Expansion * Frederick I- This hollanzolleran ruler - Crowned the first King of Prussia *...
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HistoryNotes-12-2-05 - History Notes - 12/2/05 Read and...

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