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Unformatted text preview: History Notes - 12/5/05 * Section 30: "Western Europe After Utrecht (1713-1740)” * The Peace of Utrecht- Ended the War of the Spanish Succession - Ended Louis XIV ambitions for a Universal Monarchy * England and France - Major Powers now - Spain all but eliminated * Preserved the European State System * Phillip V - King of Spain- result of Treaty of Utrecht- Spain had been partitioned - Still in possession of Spain's claims in America and Philippines - Hapsburgs - Got Belgium, Milan, and Naples * Duke of Savoy – Sardinia * England has combined with Scotland * Great Britain emerges with the most powerful navy * Spain - Period of ineptitude during the reign of the Imbecile Kings * Conflicts with Great Britain * The Dutch- Backed away from political stage - receding as a power - Important in Banking and financial matters * Oustand Company- British force this company to stop * Contributions by Scotsman * John Wah & William Patterson - * John Wah- Financial advisor to kings of France * William Patterson- Financial advisor in England - led do the development of the Bank of England * Political Economy - " Economics " * France and Great Britain *...
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HistoryNotes-12-5-05 - History Notes Section...

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