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History Notes - 12/7/05 * Background Causes - The War of Austrian Succession * 1740 - The Austrian Emperor - Arch Duke of Austria - Charles VI - Died - Made a provision prior to his death - Pragmatic Sanction - Done in order to preserve the throne - A Hapsburg would always sit on the throne * New King of Prussia comes to challenge this - Frederick II - (Frederick the Great) * Maria Teresa - * Frederick II - feels that Maria Teresa is weak - Wants to take over Cilesia - Territorial expansion * Cilesia was traditionally an Austrian Succession * In the event of Charles VI's death, the Pragmatic Sanction was considered void - 3 New incumbents to the throne All 3 are claiming the throne in Austria 1.) Charles Albert - The elector of Bavaria 2.) Augustus the Third - Elector of Saxony 3.) Phillip V - King of Spain * Hapsburgs temporarily do not rule the throne * Military aggression of Prussia * In this war - Everyone gangs up on Austria
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* Allies that are against of Austria (6): * 1.) Prussia 2. Spain 3.) Bavaria 4.) Saxony 5.) Sardinia 6.) France * Austria - Hungary allies with Austria - Great Britain becomes an ally of Austria and also the Nederlands * War between Hapsburgs and Barbones (France) - Age Old Struggle * A Struggle between Hapsburgs and Hollanzollerans for control of Central Europe - German
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HistoryNotes-12-7-05 - History Notes - 12/7/05 * Background...

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