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History Notes - 12/13/05 “The Enlightenment” - Period of progress symbolizing the fact that Europe has emerged from a more barbaric past - focused on manners and etiquette * Europe has set aside the Relics of Barbarism * This is the 18th Century before the French Revolution * During the period of time before the Enlightenment where old ideas are clarified and new ideas are spawned, especially in reference to government * 2 Groups were major contributors to this period: 1 st Group - Philosophes - They were the writers of the Enlightenment - men of letters" - tremendous influence - it is their goal to influence all rulers and people - 2nd group - Rulers - Enlightened Despots - Influenced by writers and respond - Divine rule doesn't cut it anymore - new look on sovereigns and those who are ruled * Philosophes - Social Critics * “Age of Genius” - those who influenced this next generation of writers - The New Writers * Skeptics * Idea of progress - Dominant characteristic of Enlightenment - Belief that the quality of life improves over time
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HistoryNotes-12-13-05 - History Notes - 12/13/05 "The...

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