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History Notes - 12/14/05 SECTION 36 * Madame Geoffrin - Social light - for more than 25 years - opened up her home to make it a salon * Condorset - died during the revolution - * Madame de Steael -- New Hostess - they begin a discussion of subordination of women - beginning of the women's suffrage/rights movement - universal male suffrage without women even being thought of * Helvetius - Early philosoph - 1 book - "On the Mind" and "On the Man" - very wealthy - influential - his widow becomes a post revolutionary advocate of women's rights * Encyclopedie - Diderot - Spent a significant amount of time - produces in 17 volumes - produces The Encyclopedie (Encyclopedia) - consisted of scientific, technical, etc. information * Theme of liberalism, accompanying criticism of government, etc. - very critical of nobility, aristocracy - translated into other languages * 3 Guys - Very similar, different - All believed that the existing state of society could be/destined to be improved * Montesquieu * 1689 - 1755 - "Voltaire" = pen name - Francis Marie Oroa * Russo * They turned to political/social concerns and analyzed them * Montesquieu - Aristocrat - Wealthy - Twice a Barron - Member of the Parliamontue of Bordoe - took part in the noble resurgent - upsurge of the nobility to regain some privileges -
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HistoryNotes-12-14-05 - History Notes SECTION 36 Madame...

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