HistoryNotes-12-15-05 - History Notes - 12/15/05 * France...

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History Notes - 12/15/05 * France is center of the Enlightenment * Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great - Enlightened Despots * Concept of the State was beginning to change: "The Rightly Ordered State was the best guaranteer of general welfare of people" - John Locke Section 37: "Enlightened Despotism" * France (The Failure of Enlightened Despotism) * Louis XV - King of France * He was distant - couldn't be bothered by serious questions, was elusive, remained sheltered at Versailles - If the Economy is bad, bad for the king * Taille - Land Tax; The problem was that as a result of a noble class resurgence, there was a tax exemption - the nobility of France did not pay taxes - The 3rd estate (3rd class = masses - least equipped to pay the taxes) - Peasantry had to pay all the taxes * Louis XVI-- King when the country is bankrupt * National Debt + Tax program that needed to be reformed * Governments should promote and provide for the welfare of the people - Louis knows this - what he tries to do is that he tries to bring about reform - Economics - General welfare of the
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HistoryNotes-12-15-05 - History Notes - 12/15/05 * France...

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