HistoryReview-1-25-06 - TEST Review - 1/25/06 Joseph...

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TEST Review - 1/25/06 Joseph Bonaparte Johaquim Marat Clamens Vans Metternich Goehert J. G. Herder Father Jahn J. G. Fichte Baren Stein General Von Scharnhorst Talleyrand Lord Castlereagh * Wrote a book title "Ideas on the Philosophy of Mankind" – J. G. Herder * Wanted to discourage foreign things – The youth of Germany - training them for the fatherland and encouraged them to train (sort of like the Hitler Youth)- Father Jahn * Famous German writer - admirer of Napoleon – Gurta * Wrote a book title "Closed Commercial State" – totalitarian-like state - J. G. Figda * King of Spain in 1808 - Joseph Bonaparte * Brother in law of Napoleon, King of Naples - Johaquim Marat * Foreign minister at Vienna - Great Britain - Lord Castlereagh * Foreign minister of Austria - Clamens Vans Metternich * Foreign minister under Bonaparte - Talleyrand * Reformer in Prussia who moved to bring a feeling of patriotism within the Prussian military - Scharnhorst * Brought reform to government of Prussia - Barren Stein - Former knight of HRE
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This note was uploaded on 04/13/2008 for the course HIST-MASH AP Europea taught by Professor Achenbach during the Fall '06 term at Allegheny.

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HistoryReview-1-25-06 - TEST Review - 1/25/06 Joseph...

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