HistoryReview-2-28-06 - History Review – People Guizot La...

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Unformatted text preview: History Review – 2/28/06 * People * Guizot * La Martine * Cavaignac * Pope Pius IX * Frederick William IV * August Comte * Frederick Engels * Italian – Mazzini * Louis Kossuth * King Charles Albert * Emperor Ferdinand I * Windischgratz * Count Gelloachich * Orleonists * They followed King Lou9is Phillip and wanted restore this line of rule in France – Orleonists * Leader of a Hungarian radical party that led a Magyar national revolt – Louis Kossuth * Leader of a Serbo-Croatian group against that Magyars – Count Gelloachich * King of Sardinia and declared war on – Charles Albert * A poet who became a political republican following the revolution of 1848 =- La Martine * This was a prime minister of France under Louis Phillip – Guizot * Established a revolutionary republic in Rome that forced the pope to flee the city – Mazzini * He handed down the syllabus of errors – warned Catholics of liberalism m – Pope Pius IX * Allowed insurgents to elect an all Prussian legislation assemblance – Frederick William IV * Led Austrian Prussian armies to break a Czech revolution – Windischgratz * French philosoph that wrote volumes on positive philsophy7 - August Comte * Published the conditions of the working class in England – Engels...
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HistoryReview-2-28-06 - History Review – People Guizot La...

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