HistoryTestReview-12-9-05 - History Test Review - 12/9/05...

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History Test Review - 12/9/05 PEOPLE: Prince Eugene of Savoy Francis Rakoczy Charles VI of Austria Charles XII of Sweden Ivan the Terrible Stan Poniatowski William Pitt the elder General Wolf Cardinal Fleurry Count Kautanz Marie Antoinette (daughter to Marie Teresa) Augustus III of Saxony Marshal de Saxe Robert Walpole William Patterson Bonie Prince Charlie General Montcalm Czar Peter the Great Frederick the Great George I
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* Definitions * 1.) A Scott, a founder of the bank of England - Patterson 2.) Was called “The Young Pretender” - Attempted to claim the throne of England during the 45 - Bonie Prince Charlie 3.) Assumed control of the finances of France during the Bubble disaster - Cardinal Fleurry 4.) Led a Hungarian Uprising versus the Hapsburgs - Francis Rakoczy 5.) Was put on the throne in Poland by Catherine the Great of Russia - Stan Ponotowski 6.) He became a war leader in Great Britain during the French and Indian War - William Pitt the Elder 7.) Would marry the future king of France - Marie Antoinette 8.) Routed Peter the Great's Army at the Battle of Narva during the Great Northern War (Russia and Sweden) - Charles XII 9.) Issued the Pragmatic Sanction to Place his daughter on the throne in Austria -
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HistoryTestReview-12-9-05 - History Test Review - 12/9/05...

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