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Causation for the Reformation - Martin Luther’s activities from 1517-1521 o Ninety-five Theses o Diet of Worms o Disputation with Eck - John Hus of Prague o Burned for his temerity, unlike Martin Luther - Even after the break had occurred, the Lutheran and Anglican churches insisted that it was the Roman Catholics who had abandoned the original idea of the Church, while they themselves were simply purifying it of impure accretions. - Martin Luther – When tens of thousands, were possessed of the same general outlook, the scene was set for action, and it took only Luther’s words and actions to precipitate the formation of a spiritual force of enormous extent and potency. - Someone might argue very plausibly that no Reformation could have occurred had it not been for the printing press . o Without this method of spreading ideas, the Lutheran doctrines could not have been disseminated so rapidly, and, if support had not quickly manifested itself, the emperor and Church might have succeeded in suppressing the movement - The middle class found many church habits irritating o Martin Luther’s address – Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation: - For instance, the thought must occur to one that the incipient restlessness should have been crushed by the imperial regime. Why did Luther “
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CausationfortheReformation-Notes - Causation for the...

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