PHASE II - Deadlock - 3-30-06

PHASE II - Deadlock - 3-30-06 - History Notes 3/30/06 PHASE...

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History Notes – 3/30/06 PHASE II: DEADLOCK – (1915 – 1917) C. Other Developments 1.) Eastern Front – Germans organize the army to invade Russia. Austro-Hungarian armies drive into Russia. Russia lost 2 million people in 1915 during this campaign. The Russians retreated and gave ground, but they held. Gallipoli Campaign – It was ordered to take pressure off of Russia. Allied British and French plan failed. 2.) Italy joins Allies – May, 1915 – Italy left their original alliance – Secret Treaty of London – Italy switches sides. Bait – after the war, Italy will receive colonial possessions of Germany. * Alpine Front – New Front – Austrian military was forced to meet Italy’s mobilization D. 1916 – Year of Offensives * Generals didn’t know how to win the war – as the war was evolving, so were the strategies. * Strategy *1916 – WWI becomes a war of attrition – slowly killing them off – Strategy – Bleed the enemy to death – goal of the Germans was to bleed the French white * Arrogance played a major role 1.) Battle of Verdun – First major offensive – Begins in February of 1916 – 6 Month battle from Feb. to July. Verdun was a fortress city – Germans were going to attack consistently. Petan sent Geoffre.
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PHASE II - Deadlock - 3-30-06 - History Notes 3/30/06 PHASE...

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