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Section 7: The Renaissance Outside of Italy Compare the Artwork of the North w/ the South: * The North was much more church oriented * The event itself (Renaissance) begins in Italy and then spreads to rest of Europe * Italian Renaissance becomes more secular * The North remains newly exposed to the changes – there is more resistance to change – but there is still a unique style of art and literature that we call the Northern Renaissance – Not as secular – there’s more Christian Humanism * Italy – too secular, too paganistic (pagan humanism) Neoclassical = articular style – ???? * Education – scholarships, science, etc – more geared towards scholasticism #* - The student should read more Hebrew and Greek (to get a deeper understanding of the Bible) * Florence – South (Capitol of Renaissance) * Germany – North (capital of Renaissance) – Germany is part of the Holy Roman Empire (not well defined) * Hapsburg of Austria holds the crown Germany is taking the lead now, later will go into tailspin– Wars of Religion – Civil Wars ravage Germany – cultural tailspin Central Europe – Banking system – Fugger Family of Germany – Fortune in Banking Industry Christian Humanism – “They” always had to have a connection with religion and God – everything was geared towards educating so that one could become deeper in their religion. 1402 -1502 – 14 Universities
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9-20-05-HistoryNotes-PlusReview - History Notes Section 7...

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