assignment 3 spring 2008 307

assignment 3 spring 2008 307 - ANTHROPOLOGY 307 (meets with...

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Unformatted text preview: ANTHROPOLOGY 307 (meets with LINGUISTICS 312) CULTURE AND COMMUNICATION Spring 2008, Professor Keating ASSIGNMENT 3 (Language, art, performance): NOTE: DO ALL THREE PARTS Part 1 Background for Part 1 : Consult the readings for class in Veiled Sentiments. What to do: Using the descriptions on pages 178-185 in Veiled Sentiments , create your own two-line ghinnawa (in English), and a brief description of the situation or human relationship in your life that has inspired it. Be sure to follow the traditional verse structure as described in the book, the traditional themes, topics, types of metaphors. Part 2 Background for Part 2 : Rap and the blues, which have been called “the music of the dispossessed” use media to reach an audience much wider than the African-American community and “use lyrics dealing with feelings, events and issues that most Blacks ignored or spoke about in quiet whispers” (Bowling and Washington, 1999). In rap music “words and the rhymes are critically important” involving the Washington, 1999)....
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