Assignment__1 - Assignment #1 History of Security...

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Assignment #1 –History of Security Questions: 1. In 1737 what significant development in security practice occurred with regards to night watchmen and why was this important? 2. What did the book list as some of the most serious economic crime problems? 3. Why is there a need for private security? 4. According to the book, what that should be considered as major threat to countries and businesses and why? 5. According to the book, who is credited for conceiving the idea of preventing crime rather than seeking to control it? 6. Who is Allen Pinkerton and what is he known for? 7. What is ASIS and what do they do? 8. What is the Hallcrest report and what are the highlights of it? 9. What is the systems approach to security? 10. How much money was spent and how many people were employed in private security in the year 2000? Answers: 1. In 1737, tax revenues were used to pay night watch men. It was important because it established the use of tax money for common security purposes. 2. The most serious economic crimes mentioned in the book were money laundering,
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Assignment__1 - Assignment #1 History of Security...

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