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Judicial Impact: Introduction The “least dangerous branch” What is judicial impact? How important are courts in policymaking in the US? What powers does the Supreme Court possess in order to compel governmental action? What about the American system gives the Supreme Court policymaking power? The Constitution? Judicial Review? Public Esteem? Legitimacy? Which government actors help the Supreme Court implement policy?
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The Populations Model of Judicial Impact Canon and Johnson. 1999.   Judicial Policies: Implementation and Impact .  Washington:  CQ Press. 4 Actors or types of actors: 1. The Interpreting Population  2. The Implementing Population  3. The Consumer Population  4. The Secondary Population  Attorney General  Other attorneys  Acceptance Decision. 1. The intensity of a person or group’s attitude toward the policy and/or the outcome.  This is 
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Unformatted text preview: similar to saliency. 2. The person or group’s regard for the court. 3. The person or group’s perception of the consequences of a decision. 4. The person or group’s role in society. Consequent Behavior How might an individual or group’s behavior respond to a decision? Supporters Detractors How might this be done? Types of behavioral choices for interpreting population: Factors affecting lower court behavior: How Other Populations React Implementers: Program Adjustments After Judicial Decisions: Determined by: What is a Consumer Population? Responses: Types of Secondary Populations (that might be mobilized by Supreme Court decisions and/or consequent policy making): 1. Public Officials 2. Interest Groups 3. The Media 4. Attentive an d Mass Publics...
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Judicial_Impact_Outline - similar to saliency. 2. The...

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