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Group #8: Daniel Hein (Leader), Brittany Odom, Elizabeth Kurkowski, Kevin Kolaninski, Will Ackland PLS 320-Cognitive Dissonance and Rosenburg’s Views Modification of Rosenburg’s Views Our group thought that Rosenberg painted a pretty accurate picture of the American political system, placing emphasis on the need for other actors to implement the laws. We felt that in order for social reform to come about there has to be more then just the courts discretion; these other actors play a vital role too such as congress and law enforcement. We felt that the chief weakness of Rosenberg’s model was that it overlooked the effect that the decisions could have on the legislative branch. However we thought his model’s strength was it shows that courts are stronger than people think and that the courts do instantaneously bring about change. Our group decided that Rosenberg’s model could have been improved with an additional outlook on different theories. Our group liked the Idea of cognitive dissonance; we felt that it better represented what
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