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elem stat chap 7 - change units Z scores Zx = X-X Zy= Y-Y...

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Chapter 7- Scatter plots association and correlation Scatter plot – We plot the predictor or explanatory variable on the horizontal or x axis We plot the response on the y axis Describe association in 3 ways – Direction – positive or negative Form- linear (line) Scatter- if dots are close together or farther apart Association between two variables (positive, linear, little scatter) doesn’t change if we
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Unformatted text preview: change units Z scores Zx = X-X Zy= Y-Y Sx Sy If we have two quantitative variables with fairly linear association we can measure the association by the correlation coefficient r If r is greater than 0 association is positive r >0 If r is less than 0 association is negative r<0 The closer r is to 1 or -1 the more linear it is If r is close to 0 there is no association (Ditto # 5 pink sheet )...
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