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1. a) There are heme iron carriers. They are cytochromes. Thus, non-heme ron proteins is used to talk about the other carriers. b) Iron is oxidized to Fe3+ and reduced to Fe2+ c) The various protein environments are different and can thus change the potential of iron. 2. a) ATP synthase (3 points) b) O – empty form, ATP is released L – ADP and Pi bind T – ADP and Pi are converted to ATP which is tightly held. (5 points) c) Electron transport and H+ pumping stop. Thus, oxygen is no longer used and ATP synthesis stops. Furthermore, H+ will start flowing in the reverse direction at the expense of ATP. (7 points) 3. a) NADH formed in glycolysis and the Krebs cycle NADPH formed in hexose shunt pathway b)low energy favors glycolysis ADP/AMP high, ATP low, NAD+ high c)high energy favors shunt pathway high ATP, high NADP+ 4. a) pyruvate carboxylase – ATP PEP carboxykinase – GTP 3-phosphoglcerate kinase – ATP
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Unformatted text preview: GAP dehydrogenase – NADH b) pyruvate carboxylase c) biotin d) carbon dioxide or bicarbonate 5. a) phosphate + glycogen(n) ÅÆ glucose-1-phosphate + glycogen(n-1) enzyme is glycogen phosphorylase b) The high concentration of inorganic phosphate drives the reaction. 6. a) UDP-glucose b) UTP + gluocsose-1-phosphate ÅÆ UDP-glucose + pyrophosphate enzyme is UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase c) Hydrolysis of pyrophosphate by pyrophosphatase drives reaction 7. a) PFK-2 on b) PFK-2 off FBPase-2 on c) phosphorylase kinase on glycogen phosphorylase on d) glycogen syntase off 8. a) oxygen b) water c) d) They go back to cytochrom b6f complex e) Hydrogen ions are pumped from lumen to stroma, ATP synthase makes ATP f) cyclic photophosphorylation 9. a) carbons 3 and 4 b) carbons 1 and 2 hv H2O Æ Mn center Æ Oxygen P680 P680* Photosystem II Other electron carriers...
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mcb100ExamIIISolutions - GAP dehydrogenase – NADH b...

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