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lab6 outline - II Making a Column Graph • ChartWizard...

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Greg Stanziale Bio 100 March 4, 2008 Lab 6 Outline I. Graphing and Interpreting Make the graph I. open ChartWizard step 2 of 4 II. ChartWizard step 3 of 4 Chart Options III. ChartWizard step 4 of 4 Chart Location Customize your graph I. Edit axes II. Print III. Change Chart Format Add trend-lines to a curvilinear graph I. Confirm the polynomial function II. Polynomial order and coefficient of determination
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Unformatted text preview: II. Making a Column Graph • ChartWizard step 3 of 4 Chart Options • ChartWizard step 4 of 4 Chart Options III. Incorporating Charts into a Word Document • General requirements I. Title II. Graph Format III. Labels on all axes IV. Legend • Pasting a Graph into Word I. Copy a chart from Excel and paste it in a Word document...
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