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Copy (2) of ESSAYII - people in the real world Today in the...

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ANON English 104 Mr. Fouts January 25, 2008 Essay II Learning to Read and Write in Modern America This is in response to the third question to the essay. Back about 150 years ago, slavery was not an uncommon thing. Yet it seems that ingenuity and determination prevail as the main themes in this short essay that keep on popping up and applied to Douglass’ life. These themes also seem to drive people in the United States and well, the whole world to control themselves and create a life based upon these principles. There are many people in the world that cannot read and write and I believe that this is mainly due to poor living conditions. Slavery was abolished for a primary reason to save black Americans from harsh poverty and living conditions and also to be looked at as real citizens and
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Unformatted text preview: people in the real world. Today in the real world we can easily apply some of this story to real life. The living conditions and the overall working atmosphere drove slaves to fear one main quality: unity. America is still a racist community. And I believe this because it happens around me every day at school whether it be physical, even a comment on the bus or incidents in the local community. It is a good this that we don’t have slavery in the United States anymore because it was and is brutality upon other human beings giving them less rights. Discrimination will always be apparent in today’s society and will not let down in force. But we can make things right and provide easy and affordable ways to teach less fortunate people to read and write....
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Copy (2) of ESSAYII - people in the real world Today in the...

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