Psuedocode Example-Fat Calculator problem statement

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INFO 250-Pseudocode for Fat Calculator Problem Problem Statement: Application that takes entry of calories and number of fat grams in a food item. If either of these entries are missing, then a request for entry is displayed. With entry, the number of fat calories and fat percentage is calculated. If the fat percentage is greater than 0.3, a message is displayed that says that the food item is high in fat; otherwise that the food is
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Unformatted text preview: OK. Psuedocode: Caluculate_fat_percentage Prompt for calories Get calories Prompt for fat_grams Get fat_grams IF calories IS null OR fat_grams IS null THEN Display entry_message ELSE Calculate fat_calories = fat_grams * 9 Calculate fat_percentage = (fat calories/calories) * 100 Display fat_calories Display fat_percentage IF fat_percentage > 0.3 Display food_high_fat_message ELSE Display food_OK_message ENDIF ENDIF END...
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