THE LOTUS - o Important Since intl law governs relations...

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THE LOTUS o French vs. Greece o After collision between French steamer Lotus and Turkish steamer Boz- Kourt and subsequent criminal proceedings against officer of watch on board of the Lotus at the time, the court has to decide 1. has turkey acted in conflict of intl law principles and if so what principles in this scenario 2. is their $ needed to be gived o Court said collision took place on high seas no territorial jurisdiction besides France and Turkey do not enter as account o French govt maintained that the breach stays under whose flag the vessel sails o Article 6 of Turkish Penal Code specify’s the “TURKISH” legality
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Unformatted text preview: o Important: Since intl law governs relations betwn indpt states, restrictions upon independence of States cannot therefore be presumed o Court had to ascertain whether there exists rule of intl law limiting freedom of states to extend the criminal jurisdiction of their courts in the present situation Court decides that since ther is no rule establishing exclusive jurisdiction of state whose flag was flown (French argument), then Turkey is chill doing what it did Since Turkey did not, absence such principles of intl law, acted in manner contrary to those principles, it is fine...
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