THE SCOTIA - (which she did) o Court conluded like...

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THE SCOTIA (US vs. Britain) o US ship Berkshire and British steamer Scotia o British had rules for steamships (no white lights for sailing ships) US Congress passed similar one o Berkshire was sailing and had white light accident w/ Scotia bc Scotia misjudged type of ship and therefore distance o Court said case is to be govrnd not by municipal law of US or Britian but by maritime law o Court also said Berkshire was required by act of Congress to carry green and white lights, which she did not, and forbidden to carry white light
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Unformatted text preview: (which she did) o Court conluded like regulations were not based of US or G.B., but of the law of the sea No single nation, court said, can change law of the sea Rests on COMMON CONSENT of civilized communities o Since rules of navigation in British orders and Congressional orders are obligatory rules for more than 30 of principal commercial states, it is laws of the sea...
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