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study guide theatre exam 1 - Chapter 1: The Nature of...

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Chapter 1: The Nature of Theatre 1) Theatre achieved its own distinct identity how many years ago? 2) In ancient Greece theatrical productions performed at religious festivals were financed by __________________. 3) Why did the Puritans forbid theatre in England? 4) What are the three basic elements of theatre? 5) How did John Millington Synge and Peter Brook differ in terms of their attitudes about the purpose of theatre? 6) Why can Off-Broadway and regional theatre producers take greater artistic chances or risks than big Broadway producers? 7) Did the Manhattan Theatre Club ever reinstate its cancelled production of Corpus Christi? 8) What are the two most significant attributes theatre has that film and television do not duplicate? Chapter 2 - Performance, Audience, and Critic 1) What is one of the initiatives of the World Theatre Project undertaken by the Theatre for New Audiences? 2) What did audience members in the 18th and early 19th Century do if they did not like a play? 3) What Broadway musical recently overtook Cats as he musical with the greatest number of performances? 4) What have foundations and corporations done to increase the number of productions of interest to specific racial or minority groups? 5) What percentage of the audience members for Broadway productions in the late 1990s
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study guide theatre exam 1 - Chapter 1: The Nature of...

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