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Ex_combination - Ans 160 m/s 30 ° 5 m 3 The frictionless...

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Combination problems; Collision/COM + Energy equation + Newton’s 2nd law Example 1. A lump of 0.5 Kg putty is thrown at the stationary 1.5 Kg block as shown, and the block slides up the ramp after the collision with the putty stuck on it. The coefficient of friction μ k is 0.15 between the block and the ramp. The block and putty move up along the incline by a distance of 1.25 m before they stop. Find the initial velocity of the putty. ( Ans : 16.8 m/s) 36.87 ° 1.25 m 2. A 50 g bullet with 600 m/s velocity is fired into a 2 Kg block that is initially at rest. The bullet emerges from the block with a reduced exit velocity. The block slides down the frictionless ramp after the collision and then compresses the spring ( k = 8500 N/m). If the maximum compression in the spring is 0.2 m, find the exit velocity of the bullet.
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Unformatted text preview: ( Ans : 160 m/s) 30 ° 5 m . 3. The frictionless track is made of a straight vertical section and a half circle as shown. Released from rest at the top of the track (point A ), the smaller block 1 ( m 1 = M ) slides down and makes an elastic collision with the stationary larger block 2 ( m 2 = 2 M ) at the bottom of the track (point B ). (a) As the smaller block slides back up along the track after the collision, it reaches the highest point D . Find the angle θ that locates point D on the track. (b) Find the normal force at C from the track on the larger block as the larger block slides up and reaches the end of the track. R 2 R A B D θ C...
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Ex_combination - Ans 160 m/s 30 ° 5 m 3 The frictionless...

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