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Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Dr. Joseph S. Alter, Office Hrs M. W. 12 - 1:30 Study Guide Questions for Dadi and Her Family The film Dadi and Her Family is set in the North Indian state of Haryana and depicts the family life of men and women in a Jat peasant household. Jats are a caste group whose traditional occupation is farming. They have a reputation for being hard working, down-to-earth folk. In terms of the caste hierarchy they are ranked fairly high, but as a politically powerful community they wield even greater power than their ritual status would indicate. Dadi is the grandmother around whom the film revolves showing her relationship to her sons, daughters, daughters-in- law, and husband. In the film Dadi’s youngest son is getting married. This has important consequences for the family unit. 1. What kind of residence pattern after marriage is characteristic among the Jats of Haryana, North India? a. The patrilocal residence pattern is characteristic among the Jats of Haryana, where a married couple lives with (or near) the husband’s father. “This is observed more than any other pattern by societies in the contemporary world. It produces a
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Dadi_film_responses_2 - Introduction to Cultural...

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