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Elementary Italian II (ITAL 0002) Spring Session (2084) Instructor: Chiara Veroni-Sauret MW 6:00-8:05 (CL ) Phone: 412-624-6267 Course website: E-mail: [email protected] Bentornati! Welcome back to the Italian Department. We are pleased that you have chosen to continue to study Italian. Please refer to this syllabus for explanations of our department’s policies and resources. Language-Learning Goals : Our goal in the French and Italian language programs is to guide you in the development of literacy skills in Italian through the communicative acts of reading, writing, and creating discourse around texts of all types . We want you to develop to the greatest possible extent a competency in comprehending and producing both spoken and written Italian, as well as socio-cultural competency in communicating with people who speak it. The main focus of classes is on communication, and we strive for maximum use of the foreign language in the classroom. Because you might have limited opportunities to speak or hear Italian outside of class, classroom time is devoted to help develop your competency in these areas. This means that your instructor will speak only Italian to you during class, and you will be expected to do the same with your instructor and classmates . Should you need additional explanations or wish to discuss matters not directly related to course content, your instructor will be happy to speak to you in English before or after class and during office hours. Course Objectives for Elementary Italian 2 : Speak Italian well enough to describe, narrate, and ask/answer questions in the present tense past tense, and future about a variety of topics related to your hobbies, daily activities, music, movies and work. You should also be able to make short statements and ask/answer simple questions in the past and future. Comprehend Italian with sufficient ability to grasp the main idea and some supporting details in short conversations (spontaneous or recorded) that pertain to the topics mentioned above. Read and understand the main idea and some details of materials (both literary and non- literary) about a variety of topics. Write longer sentences and longer paragraphs on familiar topics relating to personal interests and practical needs. Continue to develop an awareness and appreciation of Italian culture. Continue to understand on a basic level how Italian functions as a language. 1
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Our approach to teaching and learning : The approach used in our courses can be characterized as communicative and integrated . Communicative means that the focus of the course is on language use in realistic settings, not on performing exercises, which have no immediate justification other than the practice of a particular procedure. Integrated means that the various aspects that make up the language-learning experience are not separated or isolated but will be treated as complementary to one another. In one single activity, you may learn some facts, practice certain grammatical structures, and learn some communicative
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chiara6pm2084 - Elementary Italian II(ITAL 0002 Instructor...

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