Re-Budget Worksheet - Example

Re-Budget Worksheet - Example - RE-BUDGET WORKSHEETProject...

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Unformatted text preview: RE-BUDGET WORKSHEETProject Manager:Iam D. FramerDate:06/12/07PROJECT:CHP BuildingWORK ELEMENT:Exterior Wall FramingNOTES:wood, 10' high, 2x6, 16" oc, double top plates, no shearCURR. BUDGET$90,327 COST CODES:245-35-6210, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15TOTAL QUANTITY:5,245 LFTEST QUANTITY:100 LFCREW ASSUMPTIONS:TradesmanAbbv.Hrly RateLead CarpenterLC$45.00 CarpenterC$40.00 +LaborerL$22.00 RESULT OF REBUDGET:NO CHANGE - ORIGINAL BUDGET CHECKS OUTLABOR BUDGET ANALYSIS (for test quantity):Subtasks:Crew:Time (hr)$/hr$6210 Snap lines (lay-out on slab)LC0.5$45.00$22.50L0.5$22.00$11.006211 Plate2.1 Measure, cut & lay-out platesC2$40.00$80.00L2$22.00$44.002.2 Mark platesLC1$45.00$45.002.3 Measure and drill for anchor bolts, tie-downsC1$40.00$40.002.4 Spread platesL0.5$22.00$11.006212 Frame (on slab)3.1 Install full-length studsC2$40.00$80.003.2 Measure, cut and install headersLC2$45.00$90.003.3 Measure, cut and install cripple studs & trimmersLC3$45.00$135.003.4 Stock materials, misc. crew supportL7$22.00$154.00$154....
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Re-Budget Worksheet - Example - RE-BUDGET WORKSHEETProject...

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