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02.06.2008 - o At the age of 40 he received a message from...

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02/06/2008 Islam is a fairly new religion 124 Prophets in total (Adam was the first, Muhammad was the last) – message was passed down from one to another o Muhammad is not god, he is just a prophet of Islam Islam is seen as a continuation and a perfection of the 3 faiths(Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) Muhammad was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia o Father died before born and mother died at 6, he was an orphan o His profession was a merchant and very honest o At the time, Mecca was a pagan society, they believed in many gods o He was married to a widow o He never believed in the idols, he only believed in one god
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Unformatted text preview: o At the age of 40, he received a message from god that he is a prophet and he has a mission. (At this point, he became a Muslim) o His mission was to preach the message to people. At first he was not accepted because of the society he lived in. Many times he was persecuted, attempted murder, exiled for what he was trying to spread. o He moved to Medina, Saudi Arabia (500 km away from Mecca) and established the first Islamic society. (More able to spread it here because it was more diverse)...
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