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PSYCH 101 EXAM PREPARATION/READING ASSIGNMENT 1: Myers p. 105-110 Due: Beginning of class 2/12 Directions: 1. Read through the questions first. 2. Read the assigned pages. 3. Answer as many of the questions as you can WITHOUT looking at the book. 4.Check what you have in the book and fill in any gaps. Do NOT copy directly from the book; putting material in your own words will enable you to remember much more. Do NOT write down anything that doesn’t make sense to you. Do NOT work longer than 20 minutes without a break. For maximum effectiveness , space this assignment over several days. The best times to study are whenever you are most energetic (which varies for different people) and before sleep (which consolidates memory). 5. Regularly test yourself on what you have already completed, and fill in any gaps you identify. Cognitive Development 1. The first researcher to show that the thought processes of adults and children are very different was ____________________. 2.
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