Egypt and mesopotamia - 1 Egypt and Mesopotamia's...

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1 Egypt and Mesopotamia’s Historical Contributions Everything in the history of civilization has an origin. Some of the earliest contributors are those from Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Most of these contributions have lived on and are still present today, some in an evolved form. The most common historical contributions are written word, burial, cosmetics, and worship. Writing is one of the biggest contributions that have been made to the history of civilization. It, “was invented first in Mesopotamia, and the idea probably spread from there to Elam, other parts of the Near East, and Egypt” (McIntosh 279). One example of writing in Egypt is written law. This can be seen on the Stele of Hammurabi. Written word has many purposes, but one major benefit, no matter what the original purpose, is it allows a culture to pass down information and gives future generations a better understanding of the past. Today if written word did not exist, this paper would not be possible for two reasons. The first would be the obvious reason that this paper could not be written; maybe it would be presented orally instead. Also it would be hard to find new information that the writer does not know. They would have to find someone in the village or town that might have the historical knowledge that would have been passed down orally. This is another reason for the benefit of written word
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Egypt and mesopotamia - 1 Egypt and Mesopotamia's...

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