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disposition paper - for where I would like to be living, I...

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Kimberly Knotts Disposition ppr Foed 2011 I teach because I love the fact that I can make a difference by enriching someone’s life. Seeing someone achieve their goals and become a more educated gives me so much satisfaction. I can help them to grasp concepts that the previously did not understand. Without education and learning we would not get very far. Teaching enables us to reach farther and become a better person. It allows us to set goals and actually reach them. As an educator I will become a highly respected source of knowledge that can enrich the minds of others. As a teacher I will be a protector as well, kids still have to rely on someone; I am very reliable and conscious. I will teach in a creative manner that addresses standards in a way that my target audience can understand. When you relate information to everyday life and making activities more hands on the children will be more interested in the material. I plan to teach elementary school students. Because I have not set plan
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Unformatted text preview: for where I would like to be living, I am quite flexible in the area I would be teaching. I have been in schools with diverse backgrounds all my life and I feel that I can incorporate ways for all students to learn without cutting class time by using several teaching styles. Everyone has different beliefs and backgrounds as well. My beliefs are an important part of who I am, but I realize the time and place for things and I know when to draw the line. I will not allow my personal feelings to create a bias of any kind. Classroom management can be difficult at times, but I know my boundaries and as my teaching experience progresses I will learn even more ways on how to handle any rowdiness. When teaching it is essential to get parents and family involved in the learning process. As a teacher I will make it my responsibility to see that I am able to help the family and community connect with students and encourage their education. Kimberly Knotts Disposition ppr Foed 2011...
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disposition paper - for where I would like to be living, I...

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