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polygamy paper - Knotts 1 Having several husbands or wives...

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Knotts 1 Having several husbands or wives is not widely accepted in the United States. Polygamy is however apparent in many other regions and cultures. There are many types of polygamy but the most apparent to Americans is called polygny where a man has more than one wife. In the United States marriage is defined as the union between one man and one woman, this meaning a single spouse. The Mormon religion is the only religion that currently practices multiple marriages in the United States; it is only the fundamentalist group that does this. “The practice of polygamy is tolerated largely because, it is done as a religious practice (and thus involves issues of religious freedom ), and because the people involved do not actually marry before the law. Rather, a man will legally marry one woman, and ‘marry’ additional wives in what they consider to be a ’spiritual’ sense (Zoellner.)” Because polygamy is technically against the law; these specific groups of fundamentalist Mormons live in a sovereign area in Utah. This is only a small group of Mormons, but for some reason or another, the polygamy idea seems to be assumed with all groups. Those who live in these Utah communities often have a common family composed of a man with several wives and huge amounts of children. In this town and in a specific division of the Mormon religion, the man is seen as the ruler, the one who is able to control all of his family. He holds all power. There are several reasons why polygamy is in the spotlight these days some good some horrible. After all we may have a Mormon president come 2008. The big problem with polygamy is abuse in these fundamentalist communities. “Some polygamists ‘marry’ underage
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polygamy paper - Knotts 1 Having several husbands or wives...

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