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ELEC 430 _ Digital Communications syllabus

ELEC 430 _ Digital Communications syllabus - Course Outline...

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ELEC 430 : Digital Communications ELEC 430 : Digital Communications Spring 2008 Rice University This is an undergraduate course in digital communications which is designed to prepare students for engineering work in high- tech industries and for graduate work in communications, signal processing, and computer systems. The course covers basic concepts and useful tools for design and performance analysis of transmitters and receivers in the physical layer of a communication system. Prerequisites: An introductory course in probability. A course in signals and systems. Text(s): J.G. Proakis and M. Salehi, Communication Systems Engineering (2nd ed.) M.P. Fitz , Fundamentals of Communications Systems Time: Tuesday, Thursday 9:25-10:40am Room: Duncan Hall 1042 Instructor: Dr. Behnaam Aazhang Office: 2017 Duncan Hall Office Hours: TBD Assistants: Melissa Duarte , David Kao , Brett Kaufman , Pedro Santacruz Help Sessions: Tuesdays, 7PM in Duncan Hall 1070
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Unformatted text preview: Course Outline here Lecture Notes Connexions / pdf Homework Assignments and Solutions: (Dates subject to change, please check website regularly) Note: Please consult assigned graders for each homework Homework 1 (sol)-- (DK,PS) -- Due 1/17 Homework 2 (sol)-- (MD,BK) -- Due 1/24 Homework 3 (sol)-- (DK,PS) -- Due 1/31 Homework 4-- (MD,BK) -- Due 2/14 Grading Scheme: HW's 25% + 1st exam 20% + 2nd exam 20% + 3rd exam 20% + attendance 5% + project 10% = 100% Homework assignments are due by 5:00pm on their due dates. You can be one day (24 hours) late on two HW sets without any penalties. Otherwise there is a 50% penalty on late HW assignments. Honor Code: You are encouraged to work with other students in ELEC 430 on homework problems. You should not look at completed work of other students, old homework solutions, and old exams and their solutions. http://cmclab.rice.edu/~elec430/ [2/8/2008 2:28:43 PM]...
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