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Digital Communications Behnaam Aazhang Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Office: 2017 Duncan Hall A-241 Abercrombie Lab Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 11:00-11:45am Review sessions arranged by graders Class Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 9:25-10:40am, Room DH 1042 Spring Semester, 2008 This is an undergraduate course in digital communications, which is designed to prepare students for engineering work in high-tech industries and for graduate work in communications, signal processing, and computer systems. The course covers basic concepts and useful tools for design and performance analysis of transmitters and receivers in the physical layer of a communication system. Prerequisite : An introductory course in probability. A course in signals and systems. Texts : J.G. Proakis, M. Salehi, Communication Systems Engineering M. P. Fitz, A Course in Communication Theory
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ELEC 430 Timetable Homework Due Date -------------- ------------ HW #1 January 17 HW #2 January 24 HW #3 January 31 Exam 1 (take home)
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This note was uploaded on 02/11/2008 for the course ELEC 430 taught by Professor Aazhang during the Spring '08 term at Rice.

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elec430outline - Digital Communications Behnaam Aazhang...

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