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ID Number: Sienna hiebert 0725998 LAB PARTNER: Kaytlin Hopkins Quiz Section: BB Total Points = 60 PURPOSE AND METHOD DATA AND CALCULATIONS A. Standardization of NaOH Run 1 Run 2 Run 3** Mass of KHP 0.13 0.13 moles KHP 0.000610 0.000646 Initial buret reading, mL 0 0 Final buret reading, mL 6.2 6.25 mL NaOH titrated 6.2 6.20 L NaOH titrated 0.01 0.00625 [NaOH], moles/L 0.0987 0.1025 Average, [NaOH] 0.1005 M 4 pts Table 1: NaOH Standardization How are the solubility products (K sp ) of KHP at various temperatures determined? ( 4 pts ) The solubility (Ksp) of KHP is determined by titrating KHP in NaOH, in which will disassociate potassium and the HP- ion from KHP. By firstly determining the molarity of NaOH, we can use it in our calculations from the titration of KHP to determine the solubility of KHP. We will also use the temperature, volume of NaOH added, volume of KHP added. More percisely, we take the mL of NaOH added and convert it to mmoles added (by mulitplying by molarity) this is the same as the number of mmoles of HP- ions added, which we can also convert to Molarity by dividing by mL added (which is one). We then take this number and square it and there we have the Ksp. How is K sp in a saturated solution of KHP in 0.50 M KCl determined? (4 pts ) EXPERIMENT 4: THERMODYNAMICS II THE TEMPERATURE DEPENDENCE OF THE SOLUBILITY PRODUCT, HEAT OF SOLUTION, AND ENTROPY OF SOLUTION OF POTASSIUM HYDROGEN PHTHALATE By signing below, you certify that you have not falsified data and that you have not plagiarized any part of this lab report. Signature: (minus 5 pts if missing) Show the calculation for determining [NaOH]for one of the runs. May be typed or NEATLY handwritten. **If you only performed two titrations, show the calculation that you used to determine that you did not need to do a third titration.
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B. 1.00 mL
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Chem152_Thermo2_Report-1 - NAME and ID Number: Sienna...

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