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Beauty of regression - David Hufnagel Economic Forcasting...

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David Hufnagel Economic Forcasting October 31, 2007 The assignment Beauty and the Regressions used data collected from a study comparing characteristics of instructors and the resulting effect on test scores. The study of Teacher Ratings used showed multiple variables, including variables prepared from; gender, physical appearance, age, minority status, number of credits the course consists of, native language, and the score given from an individual teaching evaluation. The paper will be concerned with the following variables explicitly for the assignment; gender, a teaching evaluation score, and a rating of the instructor by attractiveness. The paper will examine the effects of beauty (attractiveness) and gender on the variable score. Before gender is also considered, a regression analysis of the variables score and beauty is considered. Again, the variable score is the score earned on a teaching evaluation with results scaled from one-to-five, five being excellent. The variable beauty is a rating, with mean set to zero, of the instructor’s physical appearance. Regression of Variables Score and Beauty ================================================================== RESPONSE: SCORE Mean: 3.9983 NOBS: 463 DF: 461 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Variable Coefficient Std.Err. T-Stat 90.0 % Conf.Interval Intercept 3.9983 .0253 157.7272 (3.9565, 4.0401) BEAUTY .1330 .0322 4.1334 (.0800, .1860) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Std.error of the regression: 0.5455 Sum of squared residuals : 137.1556 R-squared: 0.0357 R-bar-sq.: 0.0336 F(1,461): 17.0847 P-value: 0.0000 By looking at the coefficient of the variable beauty, the regression shows a positive relation between the variables score and beauty. From this data we can conclude that when the teacher evaluation score raises one unit, the value of the variable beauty raises by .1330. The mean value of the variable beauty is averaged to zero, while the values of variable score is a number between one and five. The scales between the two are not standard units, as the case with a measurement like income. The variation of beauty, approximately .1330 when the variable score raises by one unit,
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Beauty of regression - David Hufnagel Economic Forcasting...

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