FederalistsVsDemocrats - The differences in the political...

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The differences in the political philosophies and beliefs of Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists against Thomas Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans helped lead to our current two party system and form of national government. In a discussion dealing with the particular differences between the two, a background of the two revolutionaries will be first. Next, a comparison of their political and economic philosophies will be presented, including similarities and differences in their views. Following, a discussion of the different segments of society that both derived their support from will be considered. Finally, the conversation will conclude with an opinion of why the Democratic-Republican faction ultimately prevailed. The differences between Jefferson and Hamilton aided in leading to the development of the two political parties. Alexander Hamilton, first head of the Department of Treasury, was a young man from a modest background. Hamilton moved to the US shortly before the onset of the Revolution. An illegitimate child, Hamilton found himself a protégé in George Washington, adopting almost a son status to the soon to be President. Thomas Jefferson, the First Secretary of State, was a Virginian at heart. Jefferson, fearing tyranny and a believer of “elite”
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FederalistsVsDemocrats - The differences in the political...

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