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Stat 3604 exam 1 - -“science” was a keyword in the definition of statistics(TRUE-You can calculate the sample mean of a dataset from its

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Two of these sentences are T/F questions on exam 1. -The mean is higher than the median for right skewed dataset(TRUE) -There is no such thing as the 100 th percentile (FALSE) -A census is an example of a sample.(TRUE) -Statistics is the art and science of learning from samples and populations.(FALSE) -Another name for an explanatory variable is called a level.(FALSE) -Outliers are extremely large or small data values in a dataset.(TRUE)
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Unformatted text preview: -“science” was a keyword in the definition of statistics.(TRUE)-You can calculate the sample mean of a dataset from its dotplot.(TRUE)-An ogive is a combination of a line graph and a bar graph.(TRUE)-Sample mean is a statistical value that measures central tendency.(TRUE)-Any statistical value that represents a sample is called a statistic.(TRUE)-We covered four ways of collecting data.(FALSE) (COVERED 5 WAYS)...
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