The BAROQUE Style music

The BAROQUE Style music - • 1728 married Maria Caterian...

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The BAROQUE Style 1600 - 1750 Dominico Scarlatti George Frederick Handel Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1757 1685-1759 1685-1750 Domenico Scarlatti 1685 - 1757 Italian composer and harpsichordist Lived mostly in Lisbon and Madrid Possibly the greatest harpsichord virtuoso ever Harpsichord teacher to Maria Barbara of Braganza, Princess of Asturias Maria Barbara eventually became the Queen of Spain •Scarlatti accompanied her to Madrid and remained there until his death He became famous during his lifetime through one volume of 30 sonatas which were published in London Son of Alessandro Scarlatti (opera composer) Born in Naples Oct. 26, 1685 Musical training from his father 1701 - organist and composer to the royal chapel at Naples 1709 - house musician of Queen Maria Casimira of Poland Maestro di Cappella at the Vatican 1720 - Maestro di Cappella at the royal chapel in Lisbon
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Unformatted text preview: • 1728 married Maria Caterian Gentile • 1729 settled in Madrid as Maestro di Camera at the royal court • Composed harpsichord sonatas for Maria Barbara, Queen of Spain • First volume of Sonatas published in 1738 • First wife died in 1739 • Remarried - Anastasia Maxarti • Nine children • Died in Madrid - July 23, 1757 • 12 operas • Church music • Cantatas • Sonatas • Harpsichord pieces are most important • Composed over 500 “sonatas” for harpsichord which Scarlatti called “Exercises” • Most of the surviving sonatas were written after he was 50 • K. = Ralph Kirkpatrick The Harpsichord (also called a spinet) is a large expensive plucked-string keyboard instrument with several sets of strings and no sustaining power...
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The BAROQUE Style music - • 1728 married Maria Caterian...

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