Venice music - Venice n nVenice was founded in CE 421 on...

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Venice n Venice was founded in CE 421 on April 25th, St.Mark's day (the patron saint of Venice) n The original Basilica St. Mark's was begun in CE 834 but burned down n Marco Polo traveled from Venice to China Giacomo Casanova was born in 1725 in Venice Why is Venice famous? Exotic mix of natural beauty, architecture, pageant, and self-importance Opera Film festivals No individual could be more important than the city Doge - chief magistrate - elected for life - Sebastiano Mocenigo (reigned 1722 –1732 ) - Le quattro stagioni was composed in 1725 The nobility made the decisions Clothing Who could leave the city No one must discredit the place No individual could become more important than the city They looted and hoarded items to “dress up” the city Smuggled in the remains of St. Mark Beggars were expelled unless licensed The shipbuilding area became one of the first “industrial” areas with 16,000 fixed wage workers in on-site housing, locked there for life The most remarkable violinist-composer was Antonio Vivaldi Composed more than 450 concertos 40 operas solo, chamber, and vocal works Timeline of Vivaldi's Life
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•1678 -- born March 4, Venice (day of an earthquake which may have contributed to his aesthmatic condition)•1685-1703 -- Vivaldi studies to become a priest•1703 -- ordained a priest, accepted a position as maestro di violino and chaplain at the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice•1705-1709 -- published works at the Pietà while teaching•1709 -- lost his position as maestro di violino because position was discontinued; continued to compose•1711-1716 -- retained his former position at the Pietà; 1715 -- given special recognition for his composition of vocal works for the Pietà•1716 -- appointed to the position of maestro de' concerti and received a pay increase•1718-1720 -- took his opera to Mantua and stayed•1723 -- asked to compose and direct two new concertos every month for the Pietà, teaching position there is a memory, he travels too much•1724 -- Anna Giraud's debut in Venice•1725-1729 --
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Venice music - Venice n nVenice was founded in CE 421 on...

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