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Napoleonic Europe

Napoleonic Europe - Napoleonic Europe I French Campaigns...

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Napoleonic Europe I. French Campaigns and victories Italy—Austrians booted out Rome taken Pope Pius VI kidnapped Forced to sign a deal with france “Concordat” (france restores legality of Christianity – compromise allowing return of most priests – but much church property remains controlled by the state) Art Treasures Seized Netherlands and Germany Defeated, occupied Kingdom of Holland – French puppet king Louis Bonaparte (younger brother) Austria Battle of Austerlitz 1805 Occupies Vienna Prussia Battle of Jena – 1807 Occupies Berlin Spain
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Invasion in 1808 French puppet king Joseph Bonaparte Resistance by Spanish Guerilla warfare “Insurrection” Massacres on both sides Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia Allies? Treaty of Tilsit 1808 – Tsar Alexander I Invasion – 1812 Grand Army – Napoleon’s biggest blunder (500,000 men) Moscow occupied, but not reinforced French Retreat I. France’s “Achilles Heel” -- Seapower (lack of) France’s “nemesis”: Great Britain British Naval Supremacy:
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