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Securing the Republic I

Securing the Republic I - Securing the Republic I 1 From...

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Securing the Republic, I 1) From Confederation to Constitution 2) Federalists and anti-federalist Articles of Confederation- had little power - Key weakness was that it had no power to tax. - Money was coming from the states - Weakness also was that it couldn’t enforce its own laws. i. It was up to the state governors to enforce the laws - 1778- Ratified the Articles of Confederation - 1788- Articles were thrown out - North West ordinance and what it was? Failures of the Articles of Confederation - Nation was in economic crisis and they couldn’t do anything about it. - Couldn’t pay its debts, no taxes i. They had borrowed money from the French, Americans, Soldiers ii. Americans wanted to overthrow the government 1. Some soldiers got so angry that they couldn’t pay them that they threaded to take over the government- New Burgh 2. They tried to recruit George Washington, but he effectively defused the situation - Couldn’t manage the currency i. The paper money that was circulating was essentially just IOUs. But they no longer had any value. - Couldn’t defend the boarders i. British in the northwest ii. After the Treaty of 1783, the British were “supposed” to go home. They left a sting of military forts in the Northwest Territory to take advantage of the American weakness. They were involved in fur trading with the Indians in exchange for weapon, creating a diplomatic tie. - All 13 states had to agree. - Spanish in 1784 jeopardized the claim to all of the west land. i. 1783- Florida is Spanish territory and controlled both banks at the mouth of the Mississippi. (blocked western migration) ii. The Mississippi river was the only way to move products in the interior of the country. - 1786- Shay’s Rebellion was a tax rebellion. Because of the inflation and taxation, the farmers were loosing their land. Shut down the local governments that were foreclosing their land. i. Invitations were sent out to meet in Philadelphia to discuss ways to improve the Articles of Confederation. - Spring of 1787- people who dominated the meeting was convinced that they needed an entirely new constitution, and became the “Constitutional Convention.” i. The people that wanted a new government were called the Federalist
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ii. Anti-Federalist were afraid of the freedom and liberties that they had fought so hard for. 1. One of the principles that the political leaders thought was important was a balance of the government and the people. 2. They created a government was essentially powerless, so they constitution in 1780s that was more focused to a government that could both defend the country, have the power to tax, enforce its own laws (president) and give liberty to the people. 3.
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Securing the Republic I - Securing the Republic I 1 From...

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